Written by Tom Conway, Steve Gardner, Bill High, Jerry Nuerge, Ryan Zeeb

Given the 90% failure rate, estate planning needs an extreme makeover. Quality of relations – not quantity of dollars – determines quality of life. 

While accounting and legal procedures focus on the preservation of financial capital, they do not address the personal and relational elements that are pertinent to a healthy family plan. Learn how good legacy planning put human outcomes before capital preservation. 

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Written by Tom Conway, Lori Coonen, Todd DeKruyter, Daryle Doden, Steve Gardner, Bill High, Frank Mullins, Jerry Nuerge, Alan Pratt, Jeff Rogers, Johnne Syverson 

No one likes negative surprises, especially after planning carefully to avoid them. Merely sounding the alarm on the hidden dangers of inherited wealth does little to solve the problems. And sometimes the greatest risks aren’t foreseen. These pages contain insights and best practices from an array of experts in the legacy field. Focused catalytic questions will help you look for vulnerabilities in your plan. Consider these simple questions:

• Will your heirs beat the odds?
• How prepared are they?
• What are the leading indicators of being prepared?
• Whose responsibility is it?
• What is the price of preparation? Price of failure to prepare?

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Navigating Life with More than Enough

Written by Todd DeKruyter

Success without contribution is success without significance.

For many of us, money feels like the compass directing our lives. The accumulation and preservation of wealth can easily become our goal, our pursuit, and our drive. We believe money will fix our problems and secure our future. But money can create its own set of problems: loneliness, defensiveness, entitled children. The strategies of asset protection designed to be a safeguard can turn into a cage. Todd DeKruyter wants to help you navigate the personal challenges of affluence. He draws on his time as a financial advisor as well as his own experiences with money to show how we can resist wealth’s pull on our hearts and pursue a legacy of deep relationships and lasting impact. DeKruyter challenges you to live a life of significance with the more than enough that has been entrusted to you.

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