Join us for a gathering of experienced professionals who adhere to a biblical worldview and work with high-capacity families. We welcome estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, investment professionals, trust services, counselors and multi-family offices, along with others who work with wealthy families or single family offices.

Keynotes and breakout sessions will be discussion-based and interactive. The content will suit both those seeking an introduction to legacy as well as those wanting to deepen their understanding of it. We will hear from a lineup of world class professionals, connect with peers in this space, and learn practical ways to implement legacy in your practice.


Join other wealthy families and single-family offices from North America as we gather to connect and learn about being intentional to create lasting family legacy.

True stories of transformation will provide inspiration and hope. While families experiencing both the good and the bad of financial blessing will share their candid accounts as well – breaking the silence that surrounds problems of wealth. Within this safe environment, you will learn alongside and from each other as you make friends with people like you.

Our discussion will be grounded by practical, biblical wisdom and world class professional expertise. Numerous specialists in legacy planning for high capacity families will host keynotes and breakout sessions, which will help guide us into practical implementation. Together, we will seek a clearer vision of how God can shape your family legacy.

Registration opens April 2019.