Our Team

Deborah Collins

executive Assistant
& Minister of Kindness

Deborah grew up in sunny California then decided to study Advertising and Graphic Design in tropical Florida. So after many years of refreshing saltwater breeze and as much vitamin D as her body could absorb, she finally escaped all that beauty and warmth by moving to Indiana. For the first three years, she nannied her brother’s daughters. This was not what she’d planned (imagine your brother as your boss), but she sees the bigger purpose now: a close relationship with her nieces and eventually a job with Family Meridian (hurrah!). More recently, Deborah rescued a cat named Trixie. From then on the two were inseparable ...well, except that Trixie is a recluse who only comes out of hiding when the apartment is pitch black. Luckily, Deborah is patient, kind and 95% sure the creature that jumps on her bed each night is – probably – her beloved cat.

Magical Fact: Deborah is a Disney fanatic. She owns Disney stock, has been to Disney World and Disneyland countless times, she even dreams in Disney songs. One of her life goals is to visit every Disney park in the world – that means Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong still to go!

Catherine Muthey

Director of Intercession
& Chief Prayer Warrior

Catherine is the most famous member of our team. Have you ever seen the video “I like Car?” The video has thousands of views and Catherine is the star. She is truly an inspiration. Basically, she makes everyone want to love Jesus more. Officially, however, she leads Family Meridian’s prayer efforts, as well as Gospel Patrons’, Generous Church’s, and many other friends.

Family Meridian’s official and wise stance on college football is cheering for University of Michigan. Alas, Catherine has gone astray and supports the worst team on the planet. This unmentionable team from Ohio has a nut for a mascot—a nut for a mascot how bad can you get?!

True Story: Catherine’s laughter is the most powerful and contagious force on the planet. Some have said that it is water, infections, or gravity-but they are wrong. A recent study in the Journal of Mayd Up Faktz found the real answer is Catherine’s laugh.

Michael Kineman

Editor & Teller of tales

When a Millennial hears that Michael writes, a typical response is: "Cool so like code?" More like words and sentences, he replies. Confusion ensues. Michael’s pathway to writing meandered through human rights law and teaching English in Asia before earning an MA in Creative Writing in the east of England. In fact, England is where Michael grew up. Ever seen that sauce with the funny name – Worcestershire? Well that’s where he’s from. Like all writers, Michael’s a romantic and therefore moved to the States to marry the love of his life – his wife, Mallary. At Family Meridian, he is in charge of "the telling of tales" as well as editing all written content.

Fast Fact: Michael once won an international photography contest with a first prize of $3K for an iPhone photo of the back of his friend’s head. A print of the photo hangs by his desk to this day.

Todd DeKruyter

President & Chief Whimsy Officer

After years as a pastor, Todd decided it couldn’t be any harder to be a financial planner – I mean, really, how different could it be? Perhaps as a contrast to working as an executive in a wealth management firm, Todd’s fun side found rather odd outlets through things such as a backyard chicken farm (he lives in the suburbs), a taste for wearing old school plaid pants (stop by the office and see), and of course his prize collection of crayon art (donated by four small artists who live in his home). Todd is married to his beautiful wife Janelle, and she thinks that Todd finally found the perfect union of his pastor’s heart, family background and his business mind when he became president of Family Meridian.

Legitimate Story: Todd once went undercover with the FBI in a sting operation. He had a wire taped to his chest and was then sent into not abandoned warehouse but it was – well, you know how these things go – the rest is classified…

Our Board

Bill High

Vice President

Gary Martin


Jerry Nuerge


Todd DeKruyter


Tom Conway