The Family Institute

What is the Family Institute?

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Learning: The theme of the 2019 Family Institute Conference illustrates the kind of topics and learning — developed by our community and facilitated by our Family Meridian team.

2019 Theme: Growing your family’s relational capital with intentional communication, governance, and best practices.

Watch the trailer to learn more:

Family & Advocate Testimonials

What good is it to inherit a pile of money if the family falls apart in the process? It’s about time we stopped the tail from wagging the dog. Family Meridian is an eye-opener. 

Ron blue, Author & speaker, founder of the ron blue trust 

We have attended two Family Institutes and the testimonials from the families themselves was what made it the most impactful. Hearing that we were not the only ones with struggles was refreshing and it was great to hear that the process doesn’t have to look the same for everybody. The speakers made it educational no matter what age or stage of life you are in. We made the decision to bring in a family coach that has really helped shape our thinking for our family’s future.


We got to listen to Phil speak of his remarkable experience of helping to carry on a multi-generational business last fall at the Family Meridian conference. We could not have been more inspired by how he blended family and non-family employees into his very successful companies.